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Grooming Table


Trail Date Comments
Cartwheel Mar 10  
Cowpoke Mar 10  
Drifter Mar 10  
Hoss Mar 10  
Little Joe Mar 10  
Ponderosa Mar 10  
Rawhide Mar 8  
Outlaw Mar 4  
Geronimo Mar 10  
QuickDraw Mar 10  
Ambush Mar 10  
Lookout Mar 10  
Ricochet Mar 10  
Rattler Mar 10  
Rustler Mar 10  
HeartBreak Mar 10  
Sidewinder Mar 10  
Tumbleweed Mar 8  
Sitting Bull Mar 10  
Bronco Mar 4  
Snakebite Mar 4  
Showdown Mar 4  
Eldorado Mar 10  
Lasso Mar 10  
Hold-up Mar 10  
Dog Trail Mar 10  

OSC has one brand new Vauhti waxing form/files/pastedImage.png available for sale.  It's a very well-made, portable unit with folding, lockable legs, and quick adjustment of the arms for any ski length.  Your binding clicks into an adjustable bar to solidly hold the ski in place .  Cost is $218.  This is the wholesale price (approx. 40% off retail).  Email or text Scott Decker if you are interested (; text: 250-572-3593).