Facilities and Trails

Stake Lake Facilities include:

  • 60 km of TRAILS, expertly trackset & groomed for both skate & classic skiing.
  • Family-friendly trails for EVERYONE, from beginner through to intermediate and advanced skiers and snowshoers.
  • Numerous LOOPS and ROUTES, offering a fabulous variety of skiing and snowshoeing options.
  • 5 km of LIT TRAILS for night skiing.
  • 5 km of DOG TRAILS, also expertly trackset & groomed.
  • 13 km of SNOWSHOE TRAILS.
  • New heated washrooms, thanks to a grant from the Kamloops Blazers Foundation, opened Dec. 24th, 2014.
  • A large, comfortable and heated DAY LODGE -- with water and hot beverages available.
  • TERRAIN PARK (a ski playground) for Kids of all ages.
  • Strategically placed MAPS on all trails with an easy-to-use difficulty rating system.
  • Check out our TRAIL MAPS to see all your skiing and snowshoeing options.
  • Shelters and outhouses along various trails.
  • A Machine shed to store the trail grooming equipment.
  • Warm-Up and Timing huts for races

During ski season our hours of operation are: 

  • Sunday - the ticket booth is open from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.
  • Saturday- the ticket booth is open 9:00om-6:00pm
  • Monday through Friday the ticket booth is open from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.
  • Night Skiing - With our lodge open until 9:00 on many evenings night skiing has become extremely popular with skiers and snowshoers alike. 
  • Dog Trails – All users need to check-in at the ticket booth before proceeding to the Dog Trail. Please pick up after your dogs so everyone can enjoy the trails.


Trail Maps

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Trail Info

The Stake Lake Nordic Trails offer some of the best skiing and snowshoe trails in British Columbia.

Skiers enjoy over 60km of expertly trackset and groomed trails that are perfect for both classic and skate skiers with a variety of trains to suit all ages and skill levels. Over 13km of snowshoe trails that range from easy to extremely challenging make Stake Lake a great destination for snowshoers as well.

All of our trails are maintained by some of the passionate and skilled volunteers who make up the heart of the Overlander Ski Club. When the snow falls you will often find our grooming volunteers out with the SnoCat or Ginsus late into the night and before the sun rises in the morning, providing us with some of the finest groomed trails in British Columbia. Volunteers on the snowshoe trails work hard at marking the trails, managing downed trees, and ensuring the trails are in top shape for our members and guests.


Night Skiing

The Stake Lake Ski trails are beautiful during the day and they are equally spectacular at night. The trail around the lake and a few of the smaller surrounding trails are completely lit at night. With our lodge open until 9:00 and rentals until 8:00pm on many evenings night skiing has become extremely popular with skiers and snowshoers alike. 



While dogs are not allowed on the regular ski or snowshoe trails during ski season we do have a 5km dog-friendly ski trail across the road and a dog- friendly snowshoe trail in that area as well. Our dog trail is designed for skiers to all move in one direction for the safety of skiers and dogs alike. Users need to check in with the ticket booth prior to proceeding to the Dog trails. Please pick up after your dogs so everyone can enjoy the trails.

Trail Etiquette 

Our trails are used by all levels of skiers from rank beginners with old skis that barely slide to the expert with superfast skis and the latest slick gear. Everyone pays for the right to ski, and fast or slow, and we all have the same expectation of an exhilarating outing on skis. So there should be no need for the faster skier to demand right of way when passing slower skiers on the trails.

Racing Rules
In a ski race, especially an interval start ski race using classic style, the passing skier will shout “Track” or “Hup-Hup” to maintain unimpeded right of way. The slower skier is expected to yield under the unwritten rules of racing etiquette. This situation applies only rarely on our trails, and when it does everyone will be made aware that a race is underway.  The racing tracks and the regular trails will be well separated on those days and made obvious to the non-racing skier with flagging, v-boards and course marshals.

Courtesy for All
On the other side of the coin, slower skiers should be aware of faster skiers and try to avoid getting in their way, especially when skiing with a group. Trail junctions are a great place for a break and a chat but please do leave room for others to move past. 
So to sum up, fast skiers should NOT be calling “track”
to other skiers on the trails.
We are known as the “friendly trails”
so let’s work to keep it that way.

Also, please note that the Moose and the Lynx always have the right of way... for obvious reasons.

Bikes and Vehicles

While Stake Lake is an excellent location for biking in the summer months, bikes are NOT allowed on the Stake Lake Ski Trails once the trails are open for skiing or are in the process of being prepared for opening.

Note: The Stake Lake Ski Trails are closed to vehicles all year except for maintenance work.


Looking for a place to stay while enjoying the trail? Check out our accommodations page here.