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"THANK YOU”…Moving Magicians!

Rolling into Week One of the New Year and we, as "lovers" of everything white e.g. downhills, snowshoe trails, back country hills, dog trails and especially, ski trails at Stake Lake, have been blessed with some  of the “best early season conditions" in years! Our humble network of trails continue to draw attention from throughout British Columbia as some of the finest trails for all level of cross-country skier; from first time youngsters to ageless beginners and pros alike, our system has sometime to offer for all. It’s not rare to see former Olympians gracing both the flat, undulating highs and lows to the more challenging, “race sanctioned” upper trails. Regardless, each and every skier that "clips in"to their bindings, whether on the dog trails, the lake circuit or the outer loops, can be assured that their experience has been embraced by a “Grooming Team" that’s committed to ensuring a memorable experience.Overlander Ski Cub and Stake Lake Trails are unique in having a group of Volunteer, "Moving Magicians”, that softly, quietly and unbeknownst to most, commit hours of time, energy and effort to ensuring that our trails are among the finest, groomed trails in Western Canada…and the only trails that are fully manicured by such a dedicated, committed, passionate group of Volunteers. Please join Sandi and I in reaching out and “Thanking” these “Magicians”
for the "magic" that they perform in all kinds of conditions.

Head “Wizard”-Chris Jones-scheduler, mechanic and “Mr. Do it All” with heavy duty equipment!

"Moving Magicians” Teams

Monday-Kerry Spear and John Hutchings
Tuesday-Peter Findley and Peter Prochotsky
Wednesday-Tim Cole and Thomas Bennet
Thursday-Mike Stewart-Smith and Denis Lowen
Friday-Chris Jones and Bill Rideout
Saturday-Peter Voss and Klaus Voss
Sunday-Luc Guilherme and Tom Ruberg

Charlie and Sandi Bruce, on behalf of all of Overlander Ski Club